Voyeurs much?

This post is a shout-out to others living as nomads, especially any of you who have done the volunteer park host, docent, or light house “keeper” thing:

So, I glanced up the other day to see a guy with binoculars six feet in front of our motor home, smiling like a jack-o-lantern, and gazing in our front windscreen with his field glasses!

How do you deal with the curiosity of the public near your home? Ok, it’s a camp site, but home is home…is where you hang your hat… and where the heart is…AND, HEY, YOU! THIS IS WHERE I LIVE!! BEAT IT!!!!!

From the very first day here, some visitors to Mt. Constitution have had a tendency to wander all around our camp site, which is the one and only hook-up here. It’s a no-camping, day-use only part of the park, and we’ve got a little sign out there that reads, ‘SUMMIT HOSTS – ANN & ELLIOTT’.  There are also saw-horses, and a polite sign which reads, ‘PLEASE DON’T BLOCK RV SITE’.  Most people do “get it” that, “Hey, that must be a residency”, and they respect the boundary.

But for a certain kind of person, every boundary is a challenge to their special entitlement to violate it. The first few times these dweebs would really raise my hackles, but with the passing days here, I’m considerably more relaxed about it, if no less disgusted by these creeps. I’ve learned to see the humor in their absurd conceit. If I have “the drop” on them, it’s kind of fun to suddenly pop into view.  Like ambush journalist Mike Wallace barging into the corrupt politician’s office, bang! There I am, all alligator smiles, asking, “Are you lost? Can I be of assistance?”.

In fairness, sometimes they really are just disoriented, and in dire need of the restroom. Those people I cheerfully help and guide along.  But the voyeurs will blanch with shame: They’ve been caught peeping in your windows, and they know… that you know… what they were really up to…AND what they are. It’s kind of wonderful to see them stammer, “Uh, no, … good-bye.”  And off they slink!

Well played, Elliott… well played!  😀

8 thoughts on “Voyeurs much?”

  1. WOW! That is just totally creepy! Methinks a Raspberry Pi-controlled automated paintball launcher might be a solution. Feel free to usurp the BatCam until Patty gets around to installing the plywood 🙂

    I never had any voyeurs, but then again my big window was facing back. I never even closed its blinds! Families would have picnics on my table, though. I do think that sign declaring yourselves as the host might be a mistake, as some visitors may then think you exist only to serve them at all hours.

    1. Our big window, over the kitchen sink and stove, does face down the mountain, and no one has had the gall to use our table. It is very rare for people to wander back there. Good thing, too, as the septic tank covers back there were unsecured the last time they came up to pump.

  2. I had a particularly hard time with this when we were hosts and had a nifty host/name sign posted at our sight.

    People would walk up to our door and knock at all hours of the day & night and assume we were on-duty no matter what. It was a real disruption to our home life, business life and privacy – particularly since we weren’t camp hosts, but tour guides. We made a request to the park system that they give docents an ‘off duty’ sign to put on their site to help.

    Being in a unique vessel, we just get used to the curious inspecting our rig. We eventually had a ‘do not disturb’ sign to hang on our front window to keep folks from knocking when we’re busy… but, it’s just part of being on the road. Can’t stop them from looking however.. which is why we tend to prefer being in places we’re a little less visible, or places we can aim the windows towards privacy and shut everything else that isn’t.

    We did get some day shades for the front windshield that block the view in, but not the view out.. they help a LOT to feel private at home but not completely shut in. Hmm.. actually, we’re installing permanent ones now.. want me to ship you our old suction cup ones? You can cut them to fit. (Seriously.. act now before they go in the dumpster)

    1. Those shades you have DO look cool. I didn’t realize before that I might be able to cut them up. Are they a stick-on vinyl kind of stuff? It might be fun to see how we could use it after all, but I don’t want you to go to any significant expense shipping them. Yes, I guess , DO send them along, and let me reimburse you for that cost. Thank you!

  3. I’m glad you are having as much fun as you’d hoped in spite of shitheads behaving badly.

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your adventure.

    1. Plenty of fun, Kitty, and thanks for commenting. We’ve been hiking and doing the weekly laundry/shopping thing the past few days. Today, I visited an organic vegetable farm with fresh shellfish and salmon available straight from the boat. A dozen oysters could be had for a fair price: Shuck ’em for yourself right at the table. Life doesn’t suck!

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