Life Among the Cats

In which influenza teaches me the virtue of holding still…

February, 2008

I’m just one of the cats this weekend, curled up, holding very still when not stretching. The chief difference between them and me is that I have a nasty cough, very croupy, and a really impressive fever. It spiked at 103.2 F. last night. I would raise my head, and sparkly blue lights were shimmered at the edges of my vision. I told the other cats, but they were unimpressed. “Stop wiggling,” they said.

It’s Saturday afternoon, now. Like a cat, I wish someone would feed me. I just can’t be bothered to move. I do take my fever meds, and have tried to keep glugging down juice and water. But my appetite has been rather finicky the past two days. Yesterday’s diet consisted of toast with butter at midday. This morning I made oatmeal. I suspect that’s as much food as I’ll be able to face today.

The other cats have no problem packing away uncounted scoops of expensive, high protein cat kibble, and they don’t move any more than I do, so I was wondering why their appetite exceeds mine. I think the difference is the purring. Purring must take enormous energy. Or perhaps they are thinking enormously complex thoughts, solving cosmic conundrums, and transmitting the results by little kitty brain-waves to Rigel 6. That might use up some extra Iams. I can’t lay claim to that. I can’t even concentrate enough to read this weekend. My eyes keep crossing.I just float in my feverish world, waiting to feel stronger.

Be well, all of you out there, and if this hellish virus visits you, hold still like a cat, and get better soon…

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