No Man is an Island: January 27th, 2008

First Entry

I  finally started a blog, in earnest this time.  I’ve done this before, but didn’t really feel at the time I had much to record. Ann’s exile to Georgia means I have more time by myself, and a real need to distract myself in the empty evenings, and, yes, there has been more going on in my life the past couple of years. So here it is, again.

In the modern age, with just a bit of nerve and a willing voice, anyone can broadcast to the English speaking universe, or those whose eyes can appreciate the usual visible spectrum, presuming they are bothering to appreciate these cyber-notes through a conventional terminal, and not merely dancing to the hiss and jitter of the bits and bytes as they fly by Rigel 12. These notes are primarily for my fellow earthlings; my loving Ann, and our daughters, Kelly and Marjorie, and for whatever friends take a look from time to time. Hello to you all.

I don’t know what exactly I’ll be popping into these pages, but I have one guiding premise: It will all be true, especially the fiction. I have a few poems. I have scraps of a tentative novel.  I’ll upload images and links. Most of it will likely be daily living notes, the mundane, so that Ann and I can feel closer to being in a home together over the next 2 years.

Think of this space as a mostly verbal webcam. Watch for the shadow of our cats wandering through. 🙂

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