Pix from Penguicon!

The Detroit Airport (DTW):

DTW Terminal

The Web Comix panel:

Randall Monroe and Aaron Diaz

Randall Monroe, creator of XKCD and Aaron Diaz, creator of Dresden Codak…

Aaron Diaz with Jennie Breeden

Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak), with Jennie Breeden, creator of ‘Devil’s Panties’…

The Singing Tesla Coils! Visit the Video Archive to see them in action. There are four files to be seen there: Video Archives
Look for ‘Singing Tesla Coils’, 1 thru 4, in the left-hand margine there.

Singing Tesla Coils-2

Red Spiders on the Death-Star:

Red Spiders-Death Star

Pirate Party:

Pirate Party

Zombie Nurses!

Zombie Nurses-1

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