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July 6, 2008

Ann and IIt’s been a very long time since I’ve posted, or so it seems. Ann and I have settling into pleasant routines here at home…

We rise together, do our morning coffee thing in front of our ‘puters, checking mail, blogs, news. Ann does her puzzles and brain-teasers. Then Ann heads down to do her volunteer work maintaining the community swimming pool. I sometimes tag along as “hunky pool-boy”, and help by sweeping up.

More often, if I have the day free, I’ll get onto my list of fix-’ems, and start dragging a ladder around, or other tools, breaking a fine sweat before the fasteners and hardware get properly mated. On working days, I head off to the army hospital. (More on the job in a later post.)

The day before yesterday, on the 4th, I took the kayak up the river, and visited with friends who were swimming off their dock, up the next channel. Society via water seems so elemental somehow, as tho’ we were in the 18th C., but you have to overlook the folding lawn chairs and Igloo cooler.

We usually take a  breather in the heat of the day, fixing lunch together, sometimes reading or napping. Yesterday I conked out with a cat in my lap, my book at my side, for what must have been an hour. The cat’s approving purr buzzed in my head like two fingers of bourbon for that hour. Ahh.

In the evenings, we will fix dinner together. This is a bit new, and I think because the kitchen is the first we’ve lived with that has enough room for sociable cooking. Ann does the salad or veggies, generally, and I will skewer the kabobs, or marinate the chops, and man the grill, if that’s what’s called for.

We’ve got no cable, but do have broadband internet, and a new account at Netflix, which is entertainment enough for us, all in all. We will sit with a dvd playing, Ann with her needlework, and I grooming a cat in my lap, and that will bring us to day’s end;  a chapter to read in bed, with the cats fed, and I’ll sleep all night long now, which, I tell you, is some improvement.

Life is much better down here for me than it has been in many months gone by. I hope your life is as good.  🙂

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