In which we discuss the zappiness of ginger!

February 5th, 2008

Random circumstances have reduced my intake of caffeine this past fortnight, because there just hasn’t been any around the house, except a pound of Newman’s Own that I can’t grind for want of a coffee mill. and I just don’t see myself whacking each bean individually with a hammer, just for the added jolt each morning.

The point, after all, is to reduce a headache, not add to one. My issue here is that, despite imbibing fewer stimulants, I’ve been if anything a bit more wired at times, and I think it’s because of ginger-root!

I have these ginger-flavored Altoids, and they do really wake your mouth up, but yesterday evening, I happened to be having some sushi with dinner, and it had those shavings of ginger as a garnish, and I was just as wired as could be at bedtime!
So, try ginger. Do it gingerly….

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