A month gone by…

August 4th, 2008

For SaleThis entry is for Ann, who is on the road to Durham as I scrawl these notes for her. What’s happening is that she is getting the home up there ready to show for sale, or rental, which even happens first. It’s a gargantuan job, and I’m feeling more than a little bit guilty for not being there to help. I have no vacation saved up at my new job as yet, and must still find time before year’s end to obtain the usual and necessary Continuing Education credits I need to sustain my license to practice. It’s all a little pressing, somehow. Stuff, junk, properties, necessities…. argh!

Anyway,  I love you, Ann, for everything you manage to do to hold our lives on track. I’ll take good care of the house, cats, and Daisy until you get here. I’ll try to make it up there at least one of the next three weekends.  And I’ll see to it the place looks nice for Labor Day weekend, when we expect visitors here. If you just show up, I’ll see to it that everything’s taken care of. You can arrive like a guest, yourself, for the party. I’ll try!

We’re expecting to host Chuck and Kitty, and maybe another friend. Kayaks in the sun, swimming in the pool, and snakes on the barbee for the long weekend. Three more weeks!

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