Living Large Among the Landed Gentry

June 13th, 2008

I’ve been away from this task of writing for the journal. Ann, too. She has said, and I agree with her, that it’s because we’ve been together for the past two weeks, and the purpose of these entries has been to keep in touch with each other as much (and perhaps more so) as to let our friends know our doings.

We just got back from night swimming in the pool here. Ann has been caring for the pool along with her friend Bunny, but hasn’t expressed much interest in using it before tonight. Bunny and Jeff have this floating pool light, so we borrowed it, and went out there at sunset. A full-moon was rising, and Jupiter hovered high above us as we floated in the warm zone at the surface of the pool. Bats zipped and darted , skimming the very surface of the water, chasing mosquitoes and moths which were drawn to our floating light.

I really needed the cool down and a good rinse, too.  I’ve been working around the house every day since I got here, and it’s a real pleasure to  take care of the little things that no one else will ever do for your home. My “rolling” to-do list doesn’t get shorter, but stuff does get done, and like Ann’s gardening, it shows, and the house looks more than just lived in. It looks loved…

Rocking ChairsThe rhythm of our day and week, in the absence of my working a job, is much to my liking. If this is what retirement will be like, I guess I’m almost ready for it. On the other hand I do miss the flow of people from a clinical day; the patients and co-workers. From time to time, Ann will express a desire to get a job, if just to be around people in that way. The people in the community are sometimes bland and a bit distant (or am I projecting here?). We do have friends among them, tho’, and we haven’t met everyone yet. It’s socially pleasant, if somewhat disengaged.

Ann always seems to find a “best friend du milieu”.  My “best friends” generally go back decades, and live three state lines, and more often half a nation away. And my best friends, through time and age, grow quieter. I am quieter, myself. This isn’t necessarily a bad change, but I’m thoughtful about it.

There’s a Jonathan Coulton song called ‘A Talk With George’. It took the grand prize in a song-writing competition to celebrate the life of George Plimpton, but my point here is that it is a road-map for living well and fully. There’s a lyric in there, “…at the very least throw parties all the time.”

I think I’ll put that on my to-do list! Talk with George.mp3

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