April, 2008

A percussive tour de force!

We saw ‘Stomp!’ at the Belk Theater in Charlotte yesterday, with no expectations whatsoever. Ann and I knew nothing about the show, and I didn’t even glance at the program as we waited for the curtain to rise. If I’d been waiting for riveting dialogue, I was to be disappointed. I don’t think there’s even one word uttered during the show.

‘Stomp!’ is a kind of universal experience of proletarian robotchek bop. Did you ever think that your janitor was having a heckuva lot more fun at work than you are? These eight dancer/percussionists extract rhythm, music and movement from buckets, drums, bins, rubber hoses, pipes, brooms, brushes and even the kitchen sink.

Despite the fact that the premises only get grittier, dustier and dirtier as these maniacs “clean-up”, you can’t help but cheer. This show is all about percussion as radical protest. My favorite number has half of them rappelling across the walls of the set, beating wild music out of the pipes, signage and ornamental hubcaps.

If this touring company drifts your way, get a ticket and go!

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