Morning Meditation

February 7th, 2008

I ought to ask myself every day, “What matters the most? What excites? What is worth this day’s effort? What’s worth passion?”. Maybe if I did  the day would ignite in a new direction, shooting rays and radiance, and lighting up some dark corner of existence so it could be seen in a totally new way.

The trap most of us find ourselves in is one of nurturing oneself, and our families, with  material sustenance. Yes, of course we need to pay the bills, and line the larder, but not, please, at the cost of being dead above the neck!

This morning’s mantra, as I sally forth to spin my lens-lined dials, refocusing others’ eyes, and externally asking the eternal question, “Which is better, one or two?”,  …secretly, internally, I shall instead be humming,

“OOOoooohhhhhmmmmmm….. what will light up this world today, that I might see and reflect more clearly joy, beauty, peace?”

I’ll try.

Sometimes I just wonder about my patients’ underwear.

🙂odd eye doc

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