Life in Balance

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It’s just been one of those weeks in which  life hits its stride, the cogs mesh, and everything feels pretty darned good. My “boxes of life” are various, and, as a list, can change around quite a bit, but have always included “Time with Ann”, “Fixing Things Up”, “Flying”, “Work in the Clinic”, “Server Maintenance”; those sorts of things.  This past week it just seems like everything I’ve had time to tackle has felt good, and made me happy.

I think it’s helped, too, that we are enjoying a taste of early spring just now.

The big thing is this:  I’ve made a pact with myself to use the airplane several times every week, even if it’s just for short trips. I’ve been able to arrange things so I have a vehicle (the old LeSharo camper), in position at the airport so I can FLY to work from the airstrip here at the house, if the weather cooperates. The journey by air is trivial, something on the order of 10 minutes if I hurry, but with ground handling the airplane at both ends it doesn’t really save any time.  That doesn’t matter! I FLEW TO WORK!

It isn’t the bragging rights.  It’s more to do with using a skill, and keeping the batteries charged, the airplane’s, that old Winnebago’s, and mine!


Speaking of contentment, a few of our readers might know about the issues we’ve had with our neighbor’s mean-spirited dog over the past two years. Well, I’m very glad to report that after a few serious run-ins with that pest, animal control has come out and read the riot act to the owners, and they seem to have started to control the dog more responsibly. Sometimes we hear him barking, but we never see him anymore.  What a wonderful difference that makes!


Other stray and happy details:

Our friend, Bruce, who had a wretched accident last fall said today that his leg is definitely knitting natural bone into the scaffolding in his leg. We’ve been waiting months for this good news. Mend, Friend, mend! Ann expects to be helping him around at a professional meeting in a few weeks, so he can maintain his professional licenses during this hiatus in his life.

Lastly, I bought an updated navigation radio for my airplane. It was a genuine bargain, as these things go, and I’m delighted with it. It’s a GPS with VFR and IFR charts, and approach plates loaded into it, if that means anything to you. The device is called the iFly 700, and you can check it out here. I might do a comprehensive review of the device eventually.

Thanks for tuning in…  🙂

4 thoughts on “Life in Balance”

  1. Thursday I spent some time doing yard work in the wonderful weather. I noticed an ultralight was flying his circuit up the river and back. I usually don’t see him until summer. While I’ve never considered piloting a plane, flying an ultralight seems like it would be a real treat.

    1. Ultralights are something else; all sailcloth, parachute silk and tubular aluminum. It’s really nice when we all get a taste of early spring. I guess it’s some small compensation for the crazy storms and cold that have been snarling through, as well. Thanks for commenting, Pictou. (Future comments should be pre-approved now, site-wide.)

  2. One of his highlights was on Thursday, when he flew to work. The airport was fogged in, so he returned the plane, quickly grabbed the LeSharo, and sped off to work. I never heard him return or start the camper, as I was doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, whatever. He called me a few minutes after he left the second time.
    “Ann–there’s this cool feature I found on my new phone. It’s a police scanner! Get this, there’s this high-speed chase down Highway 17 involving a cream-colored Winebago LeSharo…”
    At which point I look out the window and go “Oh my god, it’s been stolen! Elliott, call the police! What are we going to do?” Panic mode sets in. I can’t even remember all I said.
    “What? It’s not there? You’re kidding me!” (Of course, he’s driving it at the time.)
    “NO! Elliott, it’s been STOLEN!”
    At which point he unsuccessfully tries to control his laughter and I feel like a gullible guppy all over again. He laughed all the rest of the way to work.

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