Where the Motorheads are: A Visit to Savannah Race Engineering

My friend and neighbor, Ted Wenz, recently relocated his racing motor business from New York to Savannah, Georgia, and, as he’s gotten fully settled in, offered to host a group of his friends and neighbors for a Saturday morning open house.

The centerpiece of the morning was a dyaomometer run of a 900 to 900+ bhp Chevy racing engine.

Enjoy the pics and video!

Here’s the video of the dynamometer run. It’s about six minutes long:

7 thoughts on “Where the Motorheads are: A Visit to Savannah Race Engineering”

  1. Sorry, but it’s like watching grass grow as far as I’m concerned. The bagels looked interesting though. LOL!

    1. Ted’s bagel was the “continuity bagel”. That is, it helped me to keep track of what order the shots were taken in. The bigger the bagel, the earlier in the sequence of events. As he finished the bagel, I was finished shooting the project! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lori. Everyone had a great time, and Ted was clearly proud of his guys, the shop, and the work they were accomplishing. It was a pleasure to see and record the day.

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