So, this is novel!

If you woke up yesterday expecting to vote for Donald J. Trump, wow… you have got a serious reality check to consider: Your candidate, as of 5:15pm yesterday afternoon, is a convicted felon.

If you are one of those Americans, please ask yourself this: If you ran a small business, …say you owned a coffee shop, or a hardware store…, would you hire a new assistant manager after learning he had 34 felony counts on his record?

Ok. Maybe you’re a forgiving type or an optimist. What if he also had a civil judgement and was paying damages to the victim of his sexual assault?

In addition, what if a number of his previous businesses were judged to have committed massive business, tax, and lending fraud? And were now paying penalties, or prohibited from engaging in those businesses?

Oh… this was mostly in New York State, and that makes a difference to you? It really shouldn’t, but let’s allow it anyway.

What if he was pending trial in Georgia for election fraud? And was a conspiring person of interest in another case in Arizona? Or are those states too “purple” to count for you?

Or maybe your shoe store just really needs that assistant manager desperately?

How about two other pending prosecutions? These could land our feisty job applicant in federal penitentiary! One is for stealing and concealing federal property, and top secret documents at that? The other is about fomenting a riot to pervert constitutional democracy, and hang on to the office he’d lost in that election?

I mean what if this guy had hidden plans to steal your secret recipe for french vanilla, and then take over your ice cream stand altogether?

Or is all of this just too silly for you to take seriously?

But, would you hire this guy? To balance your checkbook? To represent your personal interests? To drive your wife to the airport? To watch your kids while you’re away?


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