Yateveo Salad

A Recipe for Yateveo Salad

4-6 yellow shoots of new growth Yateveo leavesyateveo salad
2 green onions
1/2 red pepper
1 stalk  white celery
1 black avocado

Take the usual precautions in gathering the Yateveo shoots, by first exhausting the plant for safe harvest. It is worth noting that a tree that is still somewhat “frisky” yields more flavorful leaves. Be careful!

Dice or shred all ingredients. Toss together with vinegar and oil. Arrange on small side plates, and garnish lightly with sawdust. Serves 8 Greys, 2-4 members of the Chromatocracy, or 1 Prefect, unless suddenly appropriated by an Apocryphal Man.

Jasper Fforde has reviewed this recipe, and proclaimed it “good”.

If this recipe puzzles you,  please find and read Fforde’s ‘Shades of Grey’. You’re welcome!

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